About US

As a career bartender with more than 15 years experience, I've seen many cocktail trends come and go. But, one request that transcends the ages is "not too sweet" or "no simple syrup."  It's clear: discerning pallets don't want unnecessary sugar.

A balanced cocktail should be refreshing.  It should never be too sweet or artificial, which is why at CANDID we only use real juice, fresh herbs and high quality spirits. Sugar is to cocktails what salt is to food: it's meant only to draw out and enhance the flavor of pure ingredients. We make all of our cocktails in small batches, and we constantly taste every ingredient we use. 

You don't have to take your drink as seriously as we do, but please know your drink is in good hands at CANDID.

Finding balance in life is hard.
Finding a balanced cocktail shouldn't be.